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I teach in the MA and BA programs in Teaching English as a Second Language at Kent State University. I mainly teach courses on language teaching methods, second language acquisition theories, and second language reading and writing.

In all of the courses I teach, I aim to help students make meaningful connections between theories of language and language learning, and practical, real-life applications.

Courses taught at Kent State University:

Graduate courses in the MA program in TESL:

  • ENG 63001 Methodology of Teaching English as a Second Language
  • ENG 63033 Theories in Second Language Acquisition
  • ENG 63041 Descriptive Grammar
  • ENG 63043 Second Language Writing
  • ENG 63044 Second Language Reading
  • ENG 63098 Second Language Research Methods

Undergraduate courses in the BA program in TESL:

  • ENG 31003 Introduction to Linguistics
  • ENG 31009 Adult Second Language Acquisition
  • ENG 41292 Practicum in Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Courses previously taught:

Carnegie Mellon University, Department of English:

  • 76-100 Reading and Writing for an Academic Context – Whose Language is it Anyway?: Issues in English Language Planning and Policy
  • 76-100 Reading and Writing for an Academic Context – Digital Living and Learning: The Net Generation
  • 76-904 ESL Practicum I (co-taught with Dr. Danielle Wetzel)

Michigan State University, English Language Center:

  • ESL Writing Lab
  • ESL090 IEP Level 3 Reading and Writing
  • ESL221 English Composition for Non-Native Speakers of English

Iwate University, Center for Teaching, Learning, and Career Development:

  • English Communication 1-Elementary
  • English Communication 1-Intermediate
  • English Communication 2

Morioka College, Department of English Language and Culture:

  • English Speaking I
  • English Speaking II
  • English Speaking III
  • English Speaking IV

In addition, I have taught various English language courses at the elementary school and junior high school levels as well as for adults.

  • Venice, Italy
    Venice, Italy